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Bounding Back in 2021

Yvonne VanBibber
July 27, 2023

Bouncing Back in 2021

The “Freshman- 15” has been redefined in 2020 -we are now facing the “Covid-19”.  The stress from the pandemic has caused Americans to stress eat, binge watch Netflix, and overall isolate thus overall health has hit a rapid decline. As a society we have become overweight, inactive, and emotionally desolate.  The Benison recognizes the hurdles we all face and has been intentional to offer tools to assist members to formulate better work and personal habits.

There is a direct correlation between work creativity and overall health.  The Benison is actively addressing the changing physical, mental, and emotional challenges we face coming into 2021.

The Benison has been proactive in helping waistlines bounce back from 2020 by offering exercise classes.  We have partnered with Teresa Nichols, a local certified Les Mills BodyCombat Instructor who leads a socially distanced group fitness class on Wednesdays at 4:45pm. BodyCombat is a mixed martial arts inspired workout that can be completed as a low-impact or high-impact workout. No experience or equipment is needed other than comfortable workout clothing, gym shoes, a towel or a mat for core work, and a water bottle. The Benison Coworking gives members the opportunity to strengthen their core, sweat out the stress, and build community!Teresa is willing to offer the class at other times, if two or more people can attend, for $5.00/person. You can reach out to her at or 513-907-0120.

Combat the Covid-19 with Body Combat at The Benison!

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Yvonne VanBibber
July 27, 2023