(Coworking from the eyes of one of our guests at Benison Coworking.)
Even during a time when many people are working from home, I have always found refreshment in getting out of the house to get some work done. My work involves reporting stories for magazines and writing blog posts and website copy, so I can work on my tasks from anywhere with reliable internet. Still, a change of scenery has always been nice.
Rather than choosing a busy coffee shop or a quiet library, I've chosen to become a member of the Benison Co-working space. I enjoy the calm camaraderie of others working nearby. It's particularly helpful for feeling like I need to get work done even on sluggish days as a freelancer. The perks of having open space, meeting rooms, and a kitchen make it feel like an office, but I'm not limited to the work week - I can use it 24/7.
I've had fewer in-person meetings this year than in the past years, but the Benison is a perfect solution for individuals who work from home but occasionally want to be able to host meetings. I like being able to share an office address and meet with sources in the comfortable and spacious co-working space.
Over time, the co-working space users take on the best qualities of workplace teammates, and they become people to network with and get to know. They are great for a quick chat while grabbing coffee in the communal kitchen. For these reasons, and many more as we continue to grow, I'm happy to have a flexible membership that allows me to use the co-working space.
- Laura

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2 comment(s)

  • Yvonne VanBibber

    Laura, What a great story and thank you so much for the time you were able to share how coworking has impacted your work story and life.

  • Christy Nelson

    Laura, It is clear to see how coworking has benefitted you. Thank you for sharing.