2021 Recovery

Closing down corporate offices and working from home, transitioning from in person meetings to zoom meetings became the necessary norm in 2020.Unfortunately, the overwhelming result of this transition was burnout, creative disruption and declining productivity thus causing many businesses to plummet.

There is a critical need for businesses to recover the losses from 2020 and therefore the work experience needs to be rethought. What could make your business great again?Inspired employees work harder and longer than complacent employees.The workday redesign is important.This is where coworking can equip your team for greatness.

Today we will look at the physical space and the psychology and flexibility coworking can offer.As learning styles vary so do working styles.Some people are spreaders and others create neat piles.It’s when a person is comfortable in their work style that they perform at their highest potential.The Benison, a new coworking space in Hamilton Ohio, has been intentional in its design to accommodate your specific style.With flexible spacing and a variety of workspaces there is versatility for any project, weather its dry erase boards for doodling, couches for conferencing, quiet spaces for thinking, or sharable screens for compiling data.There is a room to meet your needs. 

Other benefits we will discuss in future posts include the benefits coworking offers for: networking, productivity, creativity, overall health, financial benefits, all of which will help your employees bounce back from the 2020 burn out and bounce into the 2021 recovery.

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Christy, Yvonne, Mandy, and Jerin

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