Valentines Day Dinner
Appetizer: Italian Caprese Skewers and Fruit Skewers
Starter:Italian loaf bread with flavored dipping oil
Soup: Italian Wedding Soup
Salad: Italian House Salad with Garlic and Herb vinaigrette dressing
Main Course:Beef Braciole & Shrimp Piccata served with Creamy Buttery Mashed Potatoes and Roasted Asparagus.
Dessert: Lemon Lasagna & Cannoli Cake 

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  • Christy Nelson

    Christy Nelson

    This is going to be a great night full of great food and entertainment.

  • Susan Melton

    Susan Melton

    Will there be an option to purchase wine with dinner? Or is it included?

  • Christy Nelson

    Christy Nelson

    We will have beer, wine and liquor available for purchase the night of the event. Beer and wine are $5.00 per glass Liquor is $8.00 per glass

  • Danyall Handermann

    Danyall Handermann

    My husband and I attended this Wonderful event, I must say that they went above and beyond any expectations that we might have had. Everything was exquisite! It was very romantic and felt like what I would imagine a dinner on the Titanic might have been like :-) I definitely will be keeping my eye out for any events they host in the future and Highly recommend it to anyone and everyone!!! BRAVO!!! The food, the ambience, the service, the entertainment everything was wonderful!! Even down to the rose they gave me at the end of the night, It is now 5 days old and holding its head high :-) I wish I could post pictures of everything as I can not give it enough praise in my words.